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What if a garage was much more than a lifeless, single purpose structure?

What if it was envisioned as an international tourist attraction, a place for social events and a lively asset for the neighborhood? What if it incorporated a sculptural staircase, a plaza, gardens and works of art?

Innovation often begins by rethinking the traditional limits of a category. Expectations for public parking structures in North America have been set very low – somewhere between boring and disgusting.

The story of how Robert Wennett developed his site at 1111 Lincoln Road in Miami should be taught in every business school and design thinking course. Wennett and his architects Herzog & de Meuron re-imagined a category that had previously been limited by conventional boundaries and revenue generation models.

Moreover, this project was about concern for creating enduring value. Quoted in UK’s Guardian the developer said, “This was about a moment in time in my life,” says Wennett. “For 20 years, I did things that were all about being commercial. Now I wanted to do something about legacy. About what I would leave.”

Maybe a call for “out of the garage thinking” should replace uninspiring “out of the box” cliches.

Are there naysayers for this innovation? Of course!

photo by joevare

– Sharon VanderKaay

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