Health-causing design is “free”

Philip Crosby shook up the business world in 1979 with this big idea: 

Quality is Free…but it is not a gift

Crosby forever changed what people expect from manufactured goods. He did this by re-framing the cost-quality equation. Previously, corporate leaders assumed it would be prohibitively expensive to build quality into every toaster and automobile. This belief led to a norm of low expectations. Consumers bought junk and accepted product failure. They couldn’t imagine a different, far less costly way of doing things.

Building on the work of W. Edwards Deming (largely in collaboration with Japanese companies, who were first to grasp the quality equation), Crosby’s Quality is Free opus made it obvious that poor quality was ridiculously costly and enormously wasteful.

Today people expect products to be well-designed and durable, because quality standards are widely understood to minimize overall costs.

In an era of unsustainable health care expenditures, it’s time to extend this revelation beyond man-made objects to encompass quality of life in our man-made environment.

Accordingly, today we launch our rallying Cause health, to accelerate demand for design that enhances health and prosperity on a global scale.

We believe that tolerance for wildly expensive pathogenic places must fade into history – to become as dim in anyone’s memory as a broken, ugly Pre-Crosbian Era toaster.

– Tye Farrow and Sharon VanderKaay


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