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Outside the profession of architecture, there are major developments coming together to accelerate public demand for design that enhances our everyday state of mind.

In a knowledge-based economy, it makes sense that the “means of production” – our brains – be allowed to function at optimum levels. Otherwise, our noggins become under-performing assets, in economic terms.

During the industrial era, there was little tolerance for rusty machinery and unused inventory; people could readily see the costs associated with such waste.

Likewise in recent years, government, scientific and public attention seems to be coming together in various efforts to understand what architects and urban planners have been saying for generations: our surroundings have an emotional impact, which in turn has a bearing on innovation, effectiveness and prosperity.

Architects have been voices in the wilderness for so long that they may not recognize how the seven external forces above can support their life’s work. Let’s change the conversation so we can get a better grasp of what these developments might mean for all of us.

– Sharon VanderKaay

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