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Imagine a sign that says, “Healthy? We want to talk to you!”

Our society knows a lot about how to profit from pathology. And we have world-renowned institutes devoted to discovering the causes of disease.

But why are there so few resources devoted to discovering the causes of health?

Instead of getting better at extracting profits from pathology, what are the financial benefits that flow from investments in our physical, mental and social well-being?

Scotland’s chief medical officer has written, “…by concentrating too strongly on the treatment of disease, we might be missing an opportunity to build health more effectively. There has been a growing international interest in the past year in salutogenesis and its potential implications for health improvement.”

The mounting burden of productivity-draining chronic diseases will not be reversed by trying harder at doing the same old things. There is an urgent need to question our assumptions about where medical research needs to take us in the future and what conditions really lead individuals, as well as entire populations, toward healthier lives.

Many people have come to see the word health as synonymous with deficiencies and disease prevention. Health care is widely acknowledged to in fact be disease care.

Let’s put the true meaning of health back in the word health—thereby putting the life back in our economy.

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