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Jane’s Walk this weekend included a tour of arts, culture, media, entrepreneurial and athletics spaces at one of the largest urban revitalization projects in the world.

The old Regent Park was physically dull and disconnected. Today it is brimming with enthusiasm, knowledge sharing, talent development and an enterprising spirit.

The Daniels Corporation led by president Mitchell Cohen, in partnership with Toronto Community Housing and supported by former mayor David Miller launched this phased transformation in 2005. Regent Park is an outstanding example of an asset-based, capacity-building initiative designed to promote true health.

Among its many positive qualities, this mixed-use, mixed-income community communicates a sense of abundance rather than scarcity. It demonstrates that Toronto’s public projects need not be rigid and mean.

Entrepreneurial partnerships – rather than traditional sources of funding – will be a prime ingredient for ongoing success. Regent Park radiates a can-do spirit and makes me believe it will offer a wealth of ideas for renewal projects around the world.

-Sharon VanderKaay

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